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Trying to figure out how to navigate through your personal finances or small business finances (or both) can be intimidating, daunting, overwhelming...you name it.   At Hollander & Associates, we "get it" and can help you work through your finances no matter where you find yourself.   We know there is a lot pulling on you day in and day out that takes your attention in every direction. We have worked with many clients both personal and small business owners who are trying to get it together, but are tired of the struggle. Sometimes you just need a hand to figure out a clear path from point A to point B.  At Hollander & Associates we do just that. 

We have several levels of programs that can help in either case by helping you create a plan with a Life Style Budget for your personal finances or Cash Flow Projections for your business.  Each program begins with us sitting down with you to discuss all the twists and turns in your financial life. We take the time to get to know you and what roadblocks you're facing.  Sometimes it's because of things you have no control over and sometimes you are the problem, but regardless, our goal is to see you reach your goals.  You may be looking to buy a house, clean up your credit score or just quit living paycheck-to-paycheck in your personal financial life. Or you may be tired of trying to figure out what you really have in your bank account for your business.  Regardless of the where you are coming from, personal, small business or both, the end result is the same....for you to succeed at the finance game of life.

If you're tired of being sick and tired over your finances, contact H&A to utilize our 22 years banking, 15 years daily money managing, 58+ years of accounting and a host of other levels of management and organizational experiences.  We take our role in your life very serious.  Isn't it time you get moving toward financial peace?  


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