Compass Pro

Our Compass Pro Program is a step up from the Compass Design programs in that H&A works more closely with you and provides more accountability.  In many cases it's not getting started that is a problem, but the execution of the plan that causes people to be unsuccessful at managing their money.  It's hard to say "NO" to yourself or to the eyes of those little ones looking up at you.  We provide that layer of accountability to help  with those times or times where you just can't figure things out.  

As with the other programs, H&A will create the Life Style Budget plan for you to review.  We will set up the framework and processes to implement the plan.  Then for a period of time, we will  pay all the bills while you manage the day-to-day general living expenses like food, gas and other incidentals.  As time goes on and you get stronger, you will begin to take the wheel.  Make no mistake, this money management thing isn't easy.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for, then it's time you contact Hollander & Associates and start getting your financial life back.



Thank you both so much for the work that you have done for us to help us see the light.

It is because of you that things are sooo much better.

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