Gena Enloe

Gena Enloe, Operations Manager at Hollander & AssociatesGena Enloe joins the Hollander & Associates team as the Operations Manager and is chiefly responsible for the growth strategies and processes for the company.  She will also be working with our small business clients to improve their systems, processes and accounting practices.     

Before joining the team, Gena graduated from Missouri State University with her BS in Accounting and hasn't looked back.  She brings to the table 30 years of experience in working with small businesses in various aspects to include operations, purchasing and financial operations with emphasis in business planning, budgeting, finances, human resources and production management.  She has worked for a small auto parts distributor in Springfield, MO for 7 years and a manufacturing company for 22 years.  

In 2008, Gena and her husband Dave, adopted two children from Russia which required her to take some time off and spend with her new family.  Now that the kids are getting older and have their own agenda, she's finding herself with extra time on her hands...something she's not good at.  

With her abilities and experiences, she seemed the perfect fit for the new growth plans of Hollander & Associates.  




Thank you both so much for the work that you have done for us to help us see the light.

It is because of you that things are sooo much better.

Member of American Association of Daily Money Managers
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Member
Dave Ramsey Certfied Counselor