Melissa Hollander

Melissa's history in finance begins with 22 years in the banking industry working with small business owners and individuals to manage their finances.  Recognizing that personalized backroom support was such a tremendous need for the small "mom & pop" owners, she left the bank and started her own company.  She could see these owners were wearing themselves out by attempting to wear all the hats of running their business which, in many cases, cost them their business.

She worked very closely with these owners in creating their bookkeeping profile and setting up the framework to keep efficient and accurate records.  She provided the "backroom operation" for her clients by working within their schedule including counsel and operational direction.

During her time working with small business owners, she was introduced to assisting individuals in intense budgeting and coaching applications through her church.  As more and more families approached her for help and direction, she quickly realized the need for such help in the community and so broadened her client base to include personal clients as well.  She found that Dave Ramsey, a Nationally Syndicated Best Selling Author and radio host, followed the same principles she supported and so became a certified trained counselor under his organization, The Lampo Group.  She began teaching Financial Peace University, a financial budgeting program created by Dave Ramsey, with her husband at her church.  Together they have taught many families about finances and making the necessary changes in order to live life with financial freedom.

While teaching the courses, Melissa recognized that in many cases, the application of the information didn't come easy for everyone.  In fact, it would cause even greater anguish with the families because they understood the concept, but could not work through the process to apply it in their own lives.  With that, she developed a program called the Compass Program which bridged the gap between the training on the information and application of the information.  She has worked with many clients over the last 10 years through this program which continues to be successful as is noted in the emails she continues to receive from her clients all across the country.

"There's nothing more satisfying than to see families walk through the program and be successful, says Melissa.   I see how their lives are changed, their confidence is greater and they have hope for a much better life to come.  It's so awesome to watch!!"

Member of American Association of Daily Money Managers and American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.



Thank you both so much for the work that you have done for us to help us see the light.

It is because of you that things are sooo much better.

Member of American Association of Daily Money Managers
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Member
Dave Ramsey Certfied Counselor